Day 2. “Crush” by Lettuce.

Stingaree & Jolyne

This is that perfect, get-up and get-going album! Lettuce CRUSHes it. There isn’t much more to say than that. This is an album you absolutely must give a chance.

So..get-up, get-going and CRUSH the day!

A funk band from Boston, Lettuce consists of  guitarists (2), keys, percussion, bass, saxophone & trumpet!

Favorite Tracks:

  • Track 1- The Force
  • All other tracks, and repeat.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE….”Sure sounds like a party to me!”

CRUSH is the biggest party of all time, and you should all be there. Period.

Tomorrow- “Guestroom” by Ivy. (If I don’t end up listening to CRUSH again)  & a continuation of my musical memoirs.


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