Day 3. “Guestroom” by Ivy

Florence, Italy in May of 2005.

I always wanted to be a tom-girl, but was a girly-girl at heart. I loved fashion, art, film, theater, music, make-up, flowers, chocolate, teddy (panda) bears, having a roly poly farm…(wait, what?)…the whole slew of it. I secretly wanted to be a princess, but settled with moving to California to be a side-kick to a narcissistic front-man of an Irish punk band with the spirit animal of Christian Bale.

That was the season of Irish Folk Tunes & Shane MacGowan being wheeled on stage with a tumbler of gin…but this isn’t that. That’s another day. This is a girly-girl album. “Guestroom” by Ivy, is a collection of cover songs ( I actually didn’t know that until I googled it-sorry hipsters 😐 ).

There is something about this album that makes me want to curl up in a homemade quilt, with a big cup of tea, a rainstorm and 9 cats (or maybe it is just that time of the month). Either way, I hope you enjoy “Guestroom” by Ivy.

Notable Tracks:

Track 1- “Let’s Go to Bed”by The Cure

Track 6- “Only a Fool Would Say That” by Steely Dan

Track 8- “L’anamour” by Serge Gainsbourg


Tomorrow- “Classics” by Ratatat


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