Day 5. “What we saw from the Cheap Seats” by Regina Spektor

Flying around with Dad ❤

I was born into a very musical family. My Mom was in a folk band called “Woodsong”, and my Dad grew up playing the double bell euphonium. It didn’t stop there. Mom played violin, dulcimer, and piano (but allegedly quit piano because her practices were at the same time that Yogi Bear was on). Dad also played the Autoharp.

My sister followed in my mother’s footsteps and took violin lessons. She later went on to play the french horn in band. My brother took trombone lessons (but allegedly quit because his practices were at the same time that Pokemon was on).

I began piano lessons very young, tinkered with the violin for a bit, played with the Limberjack doll, learned the dulicmer, and then as soon as I hit 4th grade I was introduced to the baritone horn. I played baritone in concert band & marching band until my Junior year of high school.

I loved marching band. Not just the football games, and throwing sour skittles at the percussion section, but the competitions. I had never felt so much adrenaline than walking onto a field at night in complete silence. Performing was like a drug. I cannot fully explain what it is like to be on a field with 200 other musicians. The sound is incredible!

Just check this out for a taste of what it is like.

My band director had decided that we had to have the loudest and strongest low brass section in our chapter. I was offered the chance to switch to playing the Tuba. I accepted immediately…because 1. It’s me & 2. It’s the Tuba. (to be continued)

I read somewhere that “What we saw from the Cheap Seats” by Regina Spektor, moves at the pace of a parade. Agree to disagree…?

Regina’s voice is rich and alluring, but also peppered with exaggeration and whim. I loved it, and I hope you do too.

Memorable Tracks:

Track 6- “How”

Track 3- “Don’t Leave me”

Track 8- ” Ballad of a Politician”

Tune in Monday for the next album! Cheers to the weekend 🙂


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