Day 7. “Hunky Dory” by David Bowie


Lampeter-Strasburg High School Marching Band 2003- Me & My Baritone

Every competition was different, and the long bus rides were my favorite. It was the perfect time for me to pop a new CD mix that I created, into my snazzy portable CD player. My parents had even gotten me a CD label maker so that I could make my own covers for all of my mix CDs.

That was the year I really got into punk music. I loved the energy. I remember making this hideous CD cover with sunny side up eggs on the front. It was a tribute to the “this is what your brain looks like on drugs”. It was the perfect accompaniment to my hand-made iron-on “Kiss me, I don’t smoke T-shirt”. I was straight edge at the time without tattooing X’s on my hands.

Punk music always pumped me up for our performance! My cousin Christy introduced me to MXPX in the 4th grade, but I have to give a shout out to my old friend and fellow low brass player, Kevin. He opened my eyes (ears, really) to a whole other level of musical expression-punk rock. I wanted so badly to be a skater girl…and skate around to Operation Ivy, The Descendents & NoFx. I wanted to be in a punk rock band, and sing about controversial topics… “Caution is a word that I can’t understand! C-a-u-t-i-o-n Was a word I could not understand!”

Instead, I settled with playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater on Nintendo, and learned to play “Sleep Now in The Fire” by Rage Against The Machine on my baritone (which was epic).



Hunky Dory is one of my favorite Bowie albums. I love how fun and lighthearted it is. I believe a majority of the tracks were transferred into my Sunshine & Rainbows playlist! Fitting. Who wouldn’t want to dance around to “Queen Bitch” on a sunny day, or day dream to “Fill Your Heart“? God, I love this album…and I hope you do too!

Tomorrow: “Low” by David Bowie






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