Day 8. “Low” by David Bowie


As I lay upon the face (pillow case) of Nicolas Cage and stare up at the shadows dancing on my popcorn ceiling of this dusty old apartment, I listen to the tunes from “Low”. It is an album that is hardly recognized by the general public but has been listed as the most influential Bowie album of all time. How have I not heard this album??? I am beginning to feel like an Easter Sunday/Christmas Catholic of a Bowie fan.

Listening to this album, I realize the connection between his newest album, “Blackstar”, and his past. The Jazz influence is very apparent, and I love it.

Sound & Vision- Track 4

He sings:

“Pale blinds drawn all day
Nothing to do, nothing to say
Blue, blue”

*This should be the anthem for how every Southern Californian feels on a rainy day.

Speed of Life- Track 1

He sings:

“I was running at the speed of life
Through morning’s thoughts and fantasies
Then I saw your eyes at the cross fades”

*The speed of life is real.

I read that Bowie composed this album while recovering from a drug addiction. You can hear his struggle and his sadness, but he still manages to purvey hope. This is an album you definitely must listen to a few times around to really appreciate it. The eccentricity of the instrumentals, the jazzy saxophone solos, mixed with a few catchy tunes, and the fact that he did all this while trying to recover from substance abuse….gives this album an A+.

Go Bowie! It’s (was) your birthday!…Terrible 50 Cent reference…

Aaand…I think I’ve listened to “Sound & Vision” about 25 times today because I love it so much.


Tomorrow: “Space Oddity” by David Bowie  Ground control to Major Tom… ❤


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