Day 11. “Drones” by Muse

Doodle by Yours Truly

“Drones” by Muse

David Bowie, Freddie Mercury & Trent Reznor birthed a child. That child is Muse.

The first time I listened to Muse, I thought it was Freddie Mercury. I thought maybe he pulled a Tupac, or had been reincarnated as Matt Bellamy. As you probably know, neither of those theories are true.

That being said, this album just breeds everything the former 3 rock geniuses have conceived.

  1. It’s a concept album, just like The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars.
  2. It’s science fiction…again, see above.
  3. It is politically charged (more-so Bowie & Reznor)
  4. Matt Bellamy sounds exactly like Freddie Mercury
  5. The art and technological inspiration-Reznor
  6. Industrial rock vibes-Reznor

I love the concept of this album being the takeover of technology and a little 1984– big brother is watching you. The rise of technology is exciting, until it begins to hinder society rather than provide. Eventually it creates a higher power that turns all into “Drones” following the path of least resistance.

In “Mercy” Track 4 he sings:

Absent gods and silent tyranny
We’re going under hypnotized
By another puppeteer
And tell me why the men in cloaks
Always have to bring me down
Running from the ghosts and shadows
The world just disavows

I think we can all agree that it is pretty powerful how the rise of technology can make communication so effortless, and allow everyone to hide behind a screen. But, In turn we lose compassion for others due to the lack of human connection.

In “Drones” The final track he sings:

Our lives between
Your fingers and your thumb
Can you feel anything?
Are you dead inside?
Now you can kill
From the safety of your home
With drones


Tomorrow: “Sing Sing Death House” by The Distillers We are kids, we think life is a scam
We come from wasted land!



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