Day 13. “Mutations” by Beck

Found an old photo of my neon green room 🙂

“Mutations” by Beck

Track 1. “Cold Brains

I remember going home from school (9th grade), stealing this album out of my older sister’s room, laying down on my bed, and listening to this first track on repeat. I guess it was my first real attempt at musical meditation. I was accepting the fact that sometimes you hit a road block, and you have to let go and carry on. High school was a weird time, and very confusing because I wanted to be so many different things (one of them being an artist). I went to school with a lot of very talented kids, and I often felt like I wasn’t good enough. I had a creative mind, but lacked technical follow-through. This was one of the many songs that got me through that frustration. Relatable lyrics to a confusing world.

I’ve got to mention that Beck did everything in this song. He played every instrument! That’s right, Kanye. This gangly little white guy is the tits.

Track 3. “Lazy Flies

He sings:

Lazy flies all hovering above, the magistrate puts on his gloves
And he looks to the clouds all pink and disheveled
There must be some blueprint, some creed of the devil inscribed in our minds
A hideous game vanishes in the air, the vanity of slaves

Beck’s fantastical lyrics.

Track 6. “Tropicalia

I loved this song so much that I did an art project on it for my high school sculpture class. Despite my enthusiasm, it wasn’t well received. My art teacher told me that I should stick to 2D art 🙂


P.s. You should read this.


Tomorrow: “Let it Happen” by MxPx….oh man…I can’t wait for this one 🙂 32 tracks of pop-punk at its finest!




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