Day 14. “Let it Happen” by MxPx


The last piece of MxPx attire left in my closet

“Let It Happen” by MxPx

4th grade. My cousin Christy was in a hardcore band called Ivan & The Reds. That was my first introduction to punk music. I was pretty close with my cousins on my Mom’s side of the family. We spent a lot of time setting up elaborate games in my grandparents’ time-machine basement. We’d go through my grandma’s closet and come out smelling of moth balls, but dressed in fur coats and sequins. We were a creative bunch, and I was (being the youngest at the time) the guinea pig.

I looked up to my cousin’s a lot, and was really fortunate to have them as a part of my childhood. I especially admired my older cousins Christy & Katie. Christy listened to punk music, and Katie taught me how to roller-blade. Katie was born in the Philippines, and took over her mother’s bubbly & fun personality. Christy was artistic and wise beyond her years 🙂 I loved (love) them both very much.

As I mentioned before, Christy was in a band called, “Ivan & the Reds” where my older cousin Mike (her brother) played bass. Christy was the lead singer. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Adorned with studded belts and baggy pants, she would toss her long curly red hair around the stage and scream/sing with passion. At one point, they were playing a music festival with MxPx…which is where it all started.

Christy played MxPx for me…and I was instantly in love. I became infatuated. I listened to this album over and over again until the CD started skipping. I developed my first crush on a boy, and imagined him singing the lyrics to me.

Track 26- “Do Your Feet Hurt

he sings:

Can I call you sweetheart or even baby doll?
If I had your number, you’d be getting a phone call
Can I leave you a message on your machine?
Letting you know that you’re the bomb
And you blew up on me

That Mike Herrera had a way with words.

4 years later (8th grade)…as if my brain couldn’t fit any more MXPX in it…Christy took me to my first Punk Rock Show at The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. It was MxPx, and their little opening band…Good Charlotte (ha!). I wasn’t so much into the opening band, as I was so excited to see MxPx perform! Not to mention, Christy had scored backstage passes from her PxPx (Pokinatcha Punk-their mascot) membership (which I later become a member of and ultimately results in my destiny to move to sunny San Diego, CA)…so I was going to get to meet the band!!!! (exclamation points x infinity because that is how I felt in 8th grade).

When we got backstage to meet the band, I was scared out of my mind. These were my idols. I felt like I had so many things I wanted to tell them, but didn’t want to look like an idiot….so I said absolutely nothing. This was the first and only time in my life where I was literally star-struck. Mike, Tom & Yuri were there sitting next to me…asking me how I was doing…and I couldn’t say one word. I wish I had a copy of our picture to show you, because it is beautiful. I was wearing a tank top with clouds all over it…My head was literally floating in the clouds… I was on cloud 9. Clouds.

The show was incredible. Mike and Tom did this awesome guitar/bass swap…they jumped on the speakers…they played every song that I loved (which was all of them so it wasn’t hard). I jumped and danced around like it was nobody’s business. I felt more alive than ever, and it was awesome.

❤ Forever MxPx

❤ Track 27 “Move to Bremerton

he sings:

If you cut your hair and bleach it too
You gotta know that I’ll have a crush on you
I’m a sucker for a short haired girl with a pretty smile
She gotz to have ideas, yeah, and she gotz to have style

Tomorrow: “Clash of the Tartans” by The Real McKenzies Return the stone of kings! Return the stone of destiny!




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