Day 19. “Demon Days” by Gorillaz

House Parties of 2006 (Mom…you didn’t see this)

This was the evening that I freaked out because someone was rolling a joint on my parents’ kitchen table… I learned to laugh about it the next morning as we all tried to make egg sandwiches without opening our eyes due to our extreme hangovers. I over cooked the eggs, and turned them into bouncy balls that we threw around the kitchen at the crack of dawn…howling in laughter. We were a bunch of dumb kids trying to cause a ruckus in Amish Country, but we genuinely loved each others’ company. We partied till the break of dawn…dancing to sweet tunes, and driving through the back woods of the Susquehanna river.

“Demon Days” had just come out the year we graduated from high school. I was a young adult working two jobs and going to school online. On the weekends, we would caravan with cases of beer and a portable speaker to a place we called “The Rock”.

To get to The Rock on a hot summer night, we had to park our cars on a back road and hike through the woods with our flashlights, cross the train tracks, and climb up a cliff that overlooked the beautiful Susquehanna river.

View from  The Rock at dawn.

Once we got there we would crack some beers, and listen to the silence for a little bit. You could see the lights of the train come around the bend. It could have been the beers (I didn’t do acid), but that was one of the first nights where I felt a strong connection to nature. I felt at peace on top of that rock, and I felt really lucky. I loved my friends, and I loved sharing these experiences with them.

The guys would jump off the side of the cliff into the water, and we would all freak out…worried that something would happen to them. The girls would dance, smoke cigarettes and share secrets. When we were partied out, we’d stumble across the train tracks holding hands and eventually would make it back to our cars to go home, sleep for a few hours and then call each other up for the next adventure.

Track 13-“Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey’s Head”

He says:

Once upon a time at the foot of a great mountain,
there was a town where the people known as Happyfolk lived,
their very existence a mystery to the rest of the world,
obscured as it was by great clouds.
Here they played out their peaceful lives,
innocent of the litany of excess and violence that was growing in the world below.
To live in harmony with the spirit of the mountain called Monkey was enough.
To the crew ❤ I love you guys.
Demon Days in an excellent album…another concept album. Apparently I have a thing for concept albums. Enjoy!
Tomorrow: “You Forgot it in People” by Broken Social Scene   All your kind they’re coming clean. They shut their eyes, they miss their scenes.

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