Day 22. “Pearl” by Janis Joplin

Stone Brewery-Circa 2009

Another album that I’ve never listened to the whole way through! Blasphemy! My friend Melissa would not be proud.

It is funny to me the little things that stick in our minds over the years. I have some of the strangest and clearest memories of random occurrences in my life. Like the time I was at one of my parents’ jam sessions, and I started hugging some guys leg…that I thought was my Dad’s (I was like 5)-I guess I was mortified enough. When I looked up and realized it was not my dad, those few minutes of shock and embarrassment stuck with me all these years.

There is another distinct memory I have of the moment my best friend Kaitlin, and I were sledding down the front hill of my house and we ran over my neighbors’ light fixture. I remember feeling so awesome for getting from my yard to my neighbors yard (we had big yards), and simultaneously scared shitless of what our crazy neighbors would do once they found out that we ran over their bed and breakfast sign-light.

Another one of these memories relates to this album:

My friend, Melissa (pictured above flashing the loverly bird to the camera) has a Janis Joplin signature tattooed on her arm. One day we were perusing the isles at the electronic superstore (Fry’s), and were stopped by a gentleman that desperately wanted to help Melissa in her search for (i don’t remember what for..but for the sake of the story let’s say it was…) an external hard drive.

I don’t think we even showed any signs of perplexity, but this guy was determined to get us to buy something. He walked us around the store, did a little small talk-ditty and then asked Melissa about her Tattoo. She told him that it was Janis Joplin’s signature…and he then asked if Joplin herself had signed her arm for the tattoo.






Melissa laughed and bit her tongue.

This is when I decided that Melissa would be included in my inner circle of musical appreciation. I would guess that at minimum, 30 of the albums in my collection have come from her guidance (Pearl-by Janis Joplin being one of them).

Thank you, Melissa! ❤ Your honest outbursts have kept me laughing to this day.

There is so much heart and soul in this album. It is a beautiful thing.

Track 3-“A Woman Left Lonely”

she sings:

A woman left lonely
Is just a victim of her man, yes she is
When he can’t keep up his own world, no
She’s got to do the best that she can


Tomorow: “Bringing Down the Horse” by The Wallflowers  Another walk down memory lane 🙂


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