Day 24. “Underachievers Please Try Harder” by Camera Obscura

“Merrrr I’m an Arrien”-Annapolis Road Trip w/ Mark & Mike 2006

Party bus. An old beat-up van previously owned by parents…passed down to teenagers for impromptu road-trips + road sodas.

18 years old, and not caring what anyone else had to think- I spent my mornings working at the local coffee shop as a barista. In the afternoons I would waitress at the country club, and in the evenings I would head to a house party with my t-square and drafting board to finish my project, and imbibe (shhh). I left the weekends for special activities, like road trips, and helping the comrades with their art projects.

A few of my friends from high school art class fell in love with the town of Annapolis, MD. They would pick me up in the “party bus”, and we’d head off on an adventure.

It was never just a drive. We always had some sort of creative activity on the way there, and back. We’d collectively write a story, collaborate on drawings like Equisite Corpse, and slam our fists on the van roof to “Pour some sugar on me” by Def Leopard…Why not?

In Annapolis, we would stroll the streets and pretend it was our home. We’d look at homes for sale, have lunch, and walk around the docks. Annapolis was like a fairy tale, and so different from where we all grew up in Pennsylvania.

I discovered Camera Obscura from one of those friends. I listened to this album over and over again. I love these lyrics. It’s all about falling in love, heartbreak, and relationships.

This song would be on repeat:

Track 9-Books Written For Girls

she sings:

You can compliment me on the style of my hair
Give me marks out of ten for the clothes I wear
You probably thought I had more upstairs
I disappoint you, I can see through your perfect smile
He likes to read books written for girls
Prides himself on being a man of the world
In the darkest of places he gets his thrills
He will disappoint you, if you see through his perfect smile

I think separation is ok
You’re no star to guide me anyway
You only wanted me to play the fool
Play by your rule
Now my door has swollen from the rain
God knows we’ll never see her face again
People get shattered in many ways
They can disappoint you if you see through their perfect smiles

I think separation is ok
You’re no star to guide me anyway
You only wanted me to play the fool
Play by your rule


In October of 2015, I sadly heard of the passing of Carey Lander who was the keyboardist for Camera Obscura. She had been diagnosed with bone cancer in 2011. She was only 33.

Tomorrow: “Fush Yu Mang” by Smash Mouth…yep. It is happening.


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