Day 25. “Fush Yu Mang” by Smash Mouth

Hop 55. Circa 1997.

Track 3-“Walkin’ on the Sun

It ain’t no joke I’d like to buy the world a toke
And teach the world to sing in perfect harmony
And teach the world to snuff the fires and the liars
Hey I know it’s just a song but it’s spice for the recipe

Sitting on the steps to the concrete haven, I slipped the last purple lace into the last hole of my roller blades. My friend Katie was already blading around her parents’ basement. It was a regular activity for us. We’d rollerblade in circles for hours, conduct some sort of Bill Nye science experiment, and bake chocolate chip cookies with her mom. We were always listening to music! Mostly No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom), Aqua (Aquarium), Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (Zoot Suit Riot) and my favorite-Smash Mouth.

This is a love attack I know it went out but it’s back.
It’s just like any fad it retracts before impact
And just like fashion it’s a passion for the with it and hip
If you got the goods they’ll come and buy it just to stay in the clique

So… Now that I am older, I can’t say that I really enjoy this album very much. With the exception of “Walkin’ on the Sun”, the lyrics are kind of awful.

I had all of these great visions of what I was going to write about for this album, but then I listened to it.

Nostalgia does not equal reality.


Party on music lovers ❤ Its the weeeeeeekend!




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