Day 26. “The Art of Drowning” by A.F.I.

Bandannas, self-cut hair, black eyeliner = Emo Amelia, Age 16-Makeoutclub profile picture…pennsylvania hardxcore…717

Punk music blaring in the bathroom, and I’m carelessly taking the scissors to my locks. Had to look elegantly disheveled, because this…

was the age of Emo.

Track 2-“The Lost Souls

If you can’t stand upon the water I will see you on the ocean floor.
When you blink do you only find the misery between the lines?
Then take my hand and walk with me.
Come to me, your sanctuary,
I’ll gladly accept the gift that I’ve been granted.
If you feel fine, then give it just a little time.
I’m sure you’ll contract my disease.

In a few hours, I’d be climbing into my friend Megan’s navy blue PT Cruiser to head to the American Legion.

The American Legion of Lancaster hosted a slew of local bands on the weekends. Some of them were incredibly talented, others were just there to have fun. Megan, Kaitlin and I had been hanging out at every show we could get to.That large 70s style banquet room with yellow linoleum flooring and wood paneled walls set the stage for the passion of the youth. We were there to rock, and rock hard we did.

Track 4- “Ever And a Day

Lie in comfort of sweet calamity with nothing left to lose.
Lie in the darkness, I’m slowly drowned to sleep
Nothing left to lose.

As the circle pits got larger, and the skank-ers skank’ed harder…one of us lost a shoe. I got punched in the head. And the other made a new friend.

Yeah- punk rock!

Track 14- “Morningstar

I saw a star beneath the stairs glowing through the melting walls.
Who will be the first to begin their fall?
Or will we become one?

Am I the star beneath the stairs?
Am I a ghost upon the stage?
Am I your anything?

I saw a star beneath the stairs glowing bright before descent
and in the morning there is nothing left but what’s inside of me.

It is a beautiful thing to watch a bunch of teenagers pouring their hearts out, putting themselves out there, and uniting together for music. ❤ We all knew each other because we were all at every show.

For a little taste of the American Legion shows click here.


Tomorrow: “Morning View” by Incubus I haven’t felt the way I feel today
in so long it’s hard for me to specify…


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