Day 29. “At Folsom Prison” by Johnny Cash



Listening to this album, I couldn’t help but think about how profound this must have been when it happened.

I realize this is a strange analogy, but I would imagine that prison is similar to what it was like for me the first time I went to girl scout camp (yeah, okay-a bit of a stretch…)

Camp was tough for me my first year, as you can see from my letter. It was hard being away from my family. Sleeping in a tee-pee was awful. It stormed. Everything got wet, and we had to move to a cabin in the middle of the night. I had to clean someone else’s awful mess (awful) in the out-houses. I woke up with a tick burrowing into my knee. The mess hall was like an episode straight out of “Wet Hot American Summer” except there were no boys… We were forbidden to call home, and could only write letters.

Track 2- “Dark as a Dungeon”

It’s dark as a dungeon and damp as the dew
Where the dangers are double and the pleasures are few
Where the rain never falls and the sun never shines
It’s dark as a dungeon way down in the mines

Taking showers was a nightmare… I never dropped my soap.


Ghost Stories.

Braid trains.

Swimming in Lakes.

Fish nipping at your toes


I grew to love camp, but that first year was brutal. ❤ Girl Scouts Law.

On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.


On a more serious note, I love what Johnny Cash did with these performances. Like it or not, these criminals are human beings just like us. Many of them probably committing crimes that are seemingly petty compared to their sentences. Having an artist come in, relate, entertain and treat these people just like any other Joe Schmoe had to have been a pretty emotional experience.


Track 8- “Send a Picture of Mother”

Won’t you tell the folks back home I’ll soon be coming
And don’t let them know I never will be free be free
Sometimes write and tell me how they’re doing
And send a picture of mother back to me


Tomorrow: “Beethoven: Symphonies Nos.5 & 7” by Ludwig van Beethoven  Dun dun dun dunnnnn….. 🙂





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