Day 34. “What happened to Television” by Greyboy Allstars

January 2013- Urban Exploring in the Salton Sea

It’s 1993 at the Green Circle Bar in San Diego.


Cue in Ron Burgundy on the Jazz Flute.


Track 1-  “Don’t touch my V-neck Sweater”….how can you not want to listen to an album with track title like that?

One of my favorite projects in high school was for my advanced art class. We had to pick our least favorite medium, and do a series in that medium. Mine was watercolor, and my number was 100. That semester, I did 100 watercolor paintings. Now, I love watercolor.

How often do we write things off, rather than taking the time to truly appreciate them? If I hadn’t started this blog, I probably would have skimmed through this album once or twice. I would have let myself be distracted. I would have skipped songs.

Today, I listened to this album a total of 6 times. Running approximately 45 minutes…making my total time invested 4.5 hours. Math?

Anyhow, you should check out this album if you check off the following:

  1. You like jazz music
  2. You want to like jazz music
  3. You don’t like jazz music, but are interested in what it is all about
  4. You wear a v-neck sweater
  5. You thought it was cool that Bill Clinton played the saxophone
  6. You would like to know what it is like to have Pigeons Under Water (track 10- Who put the “acid” in acid jazz?)
  7. You think the drummer ain’t had none in a long time…(track 11-he ain’t had none, in a long time…)
  8. You want to boogie down.



Tomorrow: “The Gold Record” by Bouncing Souls I heard someone say, that nothing gold can stay ❤





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