Day 63. “Self Titled” by Third Eye Blind

I am way too tired to write anything about this album…so here are some key points.

I listened to this album in high school.

In drama class my friend and I made a sketch using the song “Jumper”. It was about talking someone out of suicide.

I used to blast “Graduate” when I was getting ready to graduate…

Third Eye Blind is still around. They are even playing a show in SD this April.

I am tired.


Tomorrow:“Ten” by Pearl Jam


Day 62. “Spice” by Spice Girls


Never thought I would be listening to this album again! This was another gem from the 90s. Another one of those albums that my neighbor and I would skate around to in her parents basement. Girl Power!

It inevitably came back into my life last weekend on a trip to Mexico with a good friend 🙂 What’s a mini road trip to Ensenada without a 90s sing-a-long!

I have to say, although I really despised this music when I was younger, it was a part of my life (with a little help from my friends). I somehow manage to remember a majority of the lyrics. Damn you, pop music.

And now for, “which spice girl are you?”

P.s. I also sang the Spice Girls on my way to Lancaster from the airport…with Katers Potaters… Until next time.

Tomorrow:”Self Titled” by Third Eye Blind 🙂 Semi-Charmed Life.

Day 60.“Masters of My Make-Believe” by Santigold

I’m in Lancaster, PA and sharing this album with my best friend of 24 years!! Craziness 🙂

Songs we enjoyed singing along to:

Track 1: “Go”
Track 5: “Freak Like Me”
Track 10: “Look at These Hoes”

Haha! Good times in the PA.

Tonight we will be venturing to the Chameleon Club for dance party Friday!

Hasta la vista, baby!
Enjoy this album. It is lots of fun!

Day 59. “Dreamboat Annie” by Heart

The first time I heard Heart was the first time I saw the movie ” The Virgin Suicides“.

I was in the basement at my friend Megan’s…in her Dad’s “Opium Tent” (No, there was no opium taken…that was just the name we gave it. It actually probably would have been better suited with a name like “Circus Tent” because it was constructed out of red and white striped fabric, but “Opium Tent” sounded much more bad ass in high school).

It was this scene…dang, little Josh Hartnett ❤


Track 3- “Crazy on You”

she sings:

Crazy On You”

We may still have time
We might still get by
Every time I think about it I want to cry
With the bombs and the devils
And the kids keep coming
Nowhere to breathe easy…no time to be young
But I tell myself that I’m doing alright
There’s nothing left to do tonight but go crazy on you

My love is the evening breeze touching your skin
The gentle sweet singing of leaves in the wind
The whisper that calls, after you in the night
And kisses your ear in the early light
You don’t need to wonder, you’re doing fine
And my love, the pleasure’s mine
Let me go crazy on you

Wild man’s world is crying in pain
What you gonna do when everybody’s insane
So afraid of fortune, so afraid of you
What you gonna do?
Crazy on you, let me go crazy on you
I was willow last night in my dream
I bent down over a clear running stream
I sang you the song that i heard up above
And you keep me alive with your sweet flowing love
Crazy, crazy on you,
Let me go crazy, crazy on you

Of course, the rest of this album is great too…but this will always be one of my favorites 🙂

Dreamboat Annie” was Heart’s debut album in 1975!

Track 1- “Magic Man” Who doesn’t love this song? 🙂

Track 4- “Soul of the Sea” An awesome ballad with some really cool dynamic instrumentals and waves!

Track 6- “White Lightning & Wine” Yes!

Track 7- “(Love me Like Music) I’ll be Your Song” ❤


It’s my faux Friday! Tomorrow I’ll be off to Pennsylvania and listening to:

“Masters of My Make-Believe” by Santigold People want my power, and they want my station. Stormed my winter palace, but they couldn’t take it!


Day 58- “The Diary of Alicia Keys” by Alicia Keys

2004-My induction into Tri-M Music Honor Society. My hair was fuchsia, and I was wearing a mint green and blank striped beetle juice-esque button up. What?

For your induction into Tri-M you have to choose a piece of music to perform during the ceremony. I had being listening to “The Diary of Alicia Keys” at the coffee shop I was working at. I couldn’t play punk rock…so I had a choice between Josh Groban & Alicia Keys. I think I made the right decision. I loved to sing, and although I knew all the lyrics to my favorite punk rock songs, it was much more enjoyable to sing along to Alicia Keys. Whenever I slipped this CD into that 5-disc changer, it would stay on repeat throughout my shift. Cleaning dishes suddenly became gratifying.

Low and behold, my co-worker and best friend played Alicia Keys on piano. I was struggling to find a song, and then it clicked. I decided on:

Track 6-“If I Ain’t Got You”

she sings:

Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power, yeah
Some people live just to play the game
Some people think that the physical things
Define what’s within
And I’ve been there before
But that life’s a bore
So full of the superficial

I loved the lyrics, and I loved the challenge. I practiced that song every day for at least a month. I’d sing it in the car, sing it at the shop, sing it at home, and at Megan’s. Then I sang it in our new high school cafeteria. And the 100s of times I practiced:

Some people need three dozen roses

And the 100s of times my voice cracked on roses…that night it probably cracked again…hahaha, but it wasn’t as bad?

This album really connects me with my femininity. It’s passionate, emotional, and personal. Raise your wine glasses to lady power!


Just think of me as the pages in your diary.

Tomorrow:“Dreamboat Annie” by Heart  He’s a magic man, mama!

Day 57. “Fever to Tell” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Connections revolved around music. This one is rooted deep, 16+ years deep.

Dusk, and I’m heading out the door with Megan. There wasn’t always a lot to do in Lancaster County, but we were good at finding it. It was the time spent together that made it special. We would hop in the PT Cruiser…and do what a PT Cruiser does best-Cruise 😉

Road trips through back country was always something we had to fall back on if we were bored or couldn’t find anything else to occupy our time with. We had a set drive that we did. It was our basic route to Maryland. We’d start at my house, pass through Strasburg, then Quarryville (past Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, where my family and I camped one weekend and my sister was attacked by Yogi himself on the hayride…Hey boo boo!) and eventually over the Susquehanna River into Maryland.

There were times where we barely spoke a word to each other because we were busy singing along to one of our collaborative mixed CDs. Other times all we did was talk. Music was still blaring in the background, but we’d talk. It was mostly jibberish, and weird made up stories but every once and awhile we’d share each others frustrations and give each other pep talks.  Because my friends, that is what the bestest of friends are for 🙂


Can’t wait to see you this weekend, Megan!

Tomorrow: “The Diary of Alicia Keys” by Alicia Keys Hand me the world on a silver platter
And what good would it be…

Day 56. “Self Titled” by Sylvan Esso

“Self Titled” by Sylvan Esso on Spotify

This awesome chick in the photo smoochin’ on me is my lovely friend, Meghan. This album was suggested by her. What a coincidence that the lead singer shares my first name 🙂 How neat is that?

Great album. Thank you, Meghan! album that portrays homesickness. Great way to start out the week…because at the end- I’ll be back in Pennsylvania 🙂


Track 3- “Could I Be”

she sings:

I’m covered in soot
We’re running for gondolas
And when I come home again my arms will wrap around my friends [x2]
I’m covered in soot
I’m covered in skin
And when I go to leave again I’ll wear the clothes you put me in [x2]
Could I be coming home with the waves rolling back…
Oh why?
Oh why did I go outside with the bitches on the trail oh why? Oh why? Did I go,
I don’t know
only thing I can think to say is get on the train
get on the train
and ride it till you come
ride it till you come
Or could I just
Get on the train get on the train and ride it till you come.
Ride it till you come
Like the bass child
Like the river wild
Like the tide coming in again
We’re riding in the van
Through dotted lines we’re making friends
With all the other bands
Driving to make their fortunes.
Could I be coming home
With the waves rolling back
We’re chasing the glow
A pack of wolves
We’re running from home to home
Blindly searching for what we know (a dream created from the videos)
Our feet are getting raw,
But our mouths still quietly
Sing the song
Keeping time to piston rods
We’re feeding ourselves on steam exhaust
Oh why?
Oh why?
Do I run like the wolf each time my roots peak out from tender foot
Oh why, oh why
Can’t I just kiss my lips enough
Be happy with just making love?


Also-enjoy Sylvan Esso’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert here.


Tomorrow: “Fever to Tell” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs You make me. Tick…

Day 55. “Rain Dogs” by Tom Waits

That time I played disheveled Mary Poppins… Brendan was some drugged out film star, and Markle filming in the background.

I spent six months post high school, performing in random silent films for a friend’s art school project. We had so much fun. We’d throw on some heavy makeup, pick out ridiculous outfits…and go.

The image above was from a short film my friend put together at a local church. If I remember correctly…we did a music video for a Beck song and Tom Waits song. I feel like it should have been

Track 3- “Cemetary Polka”

Uncle Vernon
Uncle Vernon
Independent as a
Hog on ice
He’s a big shot down there
At the slaughterhouse
He plays accordion
For Mr. Weiss

We were “zombies” strutting across the stage…and that is about all I remember.

My favorite song on this album is without a doubt:

Track 4- “Jockey Full of Bourbon

Edna Million in a drop dead suit
Dutch Pink on a downtown train
Two dollar pistol but the gun won’t shoot
I’m in the corner on the pouring rain
16 men on a deadman’s chest
And I’ve been drinking from a broken cup
2 pairs of pants and a mohair vest
I’m full of bourbon, I can’t stand up



And this..


Farewell for the weekend! Off to Mexico I go! Adios, Amigos…

Day 54. “Self Titled” by Sublime

My friend and neighbor, Megan…had this sweet blue Volkswagen rabbit.


I think it was blue…maybe teal? me out here. Megan was one of my older friends that was already out of high school. We would go driving around the Lancaster countryside listening to none other but, Sublime!

I probably should have listened to The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly today, being that it is St. Patrick’s Day…but I am pleased with my decision.

Sublime’s Self Titled album is always an easy go-to. I never get tired of it.

That is all. Sláinte!

Tomorrow: “Rain Dogs” by Tom Waits We sail tonight for Singapore. We’re all as mad as hatters here!