Day 46. “Where You Want to Be” by Taking Back Sunday

This is a gem. My old friend, John Adams. Circa 2003? I think? How many layers am I wearing??

Period rage music, commence (Sorry-John…I’m sure you wish not to be affiliated with that comment). But, really- this is such a great album for a rainy day like today 🙂 I enjoyed reciting every lyric backed by my debilitating PMS!

It’s LOVEEEEE make it HURRRT!!! Well It’s love, it’s love! It’s love! (Track 2-“Bonus Mosh-Part II)

2003- I’m a sophomore in high school. I end up meeting this mic-swingin’ gentleman at a rival school’s battle of the bands. Band name- Perfect Getaway…and it was magnificent. He ran around the stage…tossed his emo hair from side to side, and swung his mic like no other. It was awesome, and I decided I was going to be his friend. That was that, we became friends…and I truly embraced the culture of emo/screamo.

Since I know how much John loves Adam Lazzara…I am dedicating this post to him. Oh heyy!

And…let’s face it ladies, he was adorable.

From top to bottom this album is full of angst, heartbreak, betrayal, and a lot of confusion. Such a relatable album in high school. Sure had my fair share of all of these feelings, and this was perfect music to drive around and scream to when I was bummed out.

❤ Thank you for another nostalgic evening.

Tomorrow: “Little Creatures” by Talking Heads The world was moving and she was right there with it (and she was)..









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