Day 47. “Little Creatures” by Talking Heads

One of our little ones 🙂

“Little Creatures” was an album that not many were expecting to come out of the Talking Heads. In fact, die-hard new wave fans might even consider it unworthy of a listen. It doesn’t exactly run deep or fit on the same creative wavelength as their other albums. That being said, I don’t find it being one to be dismissed. There is a reason it was the band’s most successful studio album.

Lyrics are personal, and unless you are emotionless-they will evolve just as the life of the writer.

To me, that is exactly what was reflected on this album. Perhaps David Byrne was expressing how his life was at that current time. Growing, maturing..and appreciating things from a simpler mindset.

Although the lyrics seem sweet and simple, there are still some songs that appear to have some darker meanings. However, this time it comes from understanding rather than debating.

For instance-

Track 4- “The Lady Don’t Mind”

The song begins as if he is singing about a very carefree, independent woman. However, partway through he sings:

She says love is not what she’s after,
But everyone knows.
Each time she looks in the mirror,
She lets her feelings show.

I wonder if this is about women pretending to be promiscuous to appease the opposite sex, but secretly wanting more….?

Then there is-

Track 6- “Stay up Late”

Again, this is a super fun and happy song, but it also kind of screams…WHOA, I’m a parent! How crazy is that?  I really love this song because I have quite a few friends with children, and I feel like I have experienced these feelings through them vicariously. It is so interesting to watch how people grow once they have a child.


And now…for one of their super weird music videos!


As you get older, you appreciate things in a different light. Priorities change, and you no longer worry about selling out! It’s not so bad! Cue in the ending of SLC punk:


Tomorrow: “The Battle of Los Angeles” by Rage Against the Machine Yeah…complete opposite of today’s choice!  We found your weakness, And it’s right outside your door
Now testify!


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