Day 48.“The Battle of Los Angeles” by Rage Against the Machine

The first time I heard Rage Against the Machine was at my sister’s high school talent show. Lydia was doing a rendition of “Girl from Ipanema”which was great and all…but what’s a 6th grade girl to do when a high school garage band gets up on stage and blows away your own mother (My mom has a thing for Native American culture/history-and this song was consequently regarding the story behind Leonard Peltier, a Native American who was imprisoned for allegedly performing first degree murder of two FBI agents. Many believe he is innocent.)

That song wasn’t on this album. I chose this album because “Freedom” (song about Leonard Peltier), was the only song off of that album that I’ve ever really related to. “Battle of Los Angeles” was something that I listened to often from the recommendation of some high school friends.

High school. This was it- working, having fun and I was “in love” all the time. On the other hand, I was very angry with the world. George Bush was president, and Hurricane Katrina washed away Louisiana.I felt more in-tune with current events than ever before. I had built friendships with many passionate people that were constantly questioning what was going on in the world.

John Stewart was hosting The Daily Show (I felt that this was pertinent information)

So here we are, the Millennials. We grew up being told we could do anything, and apparently that makes us “weak”. I’d like to re-tract that statement from every grumpy American out there that has made it. I believe Millennials are much more in tune with the world than any generation to date. Why? Because we are the most integrated and diverse generation of people to be. Not only that, but …(get this)..WE CARE! We care most about what is happening to our planet, and our society. Most of all, we care about ourselves (stereo-typical selfie snap). The more we care about ourselves, the more we are empowered to help others and make a difference.

I feel this post is a bit convoluted…but to sum it all up-Rage Against the Machine is awesome.

End of Story-sleepy time.

Tomorrow: “Out Come the Wolves” by Rancid  Dial 999 if you really want the truth!


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