Day 49. “Out Come the Wolves” by Rancid

Here’s me-duck face in all its glory (before it was even a thing…#trendsetter). I’m sporting my sweet home-made promotional t-shirt for my sister’s play “Oh Crap”. Self cut, self dyed, perfectly disheveled hair… and Mr. Panda (My bass guitar).

Mr. Panda was given to me by a neighborhood friend that thought my two best friends and I should start a real band. At the time, we had made a pseudo band called “Something with Jebus”. Our tagline was ” We don’t even have instruments “, and our Geocities HTML code website was on point. I believe it had more visitors than this blog, and there were always heated discussions on the site’s guestbook.

We wrote two songs. “Love Does Not Exist” which was a song basically mocking our friends real band (American Zero). The other song was “Puppy Chow” regarding the infamous treat that one of our band members made for us on the regular.

Something With Jebus

“Out Come the Wolves” was a staple in my teenage years. My love for Rancid came from my obsession with Operation Ivy (an awesome Ska band from the late 80’s). Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong from Operation started Rancid in 1991 and it was so good. Tim’s crazy voice…ridiculous rough lyrics…sweet sweet guitar riffs.

Track 3- “Roots Radicals

he sings:

With the music execution and the talk of revolution
it bleeds in me and it goes…

Give ’em the boot the roots the radicals
Give ’em the boot you know I’m a radical
Give ’em the boot the roots the reggae on my stereo

Track 6- “Lock, Step & Gone”

he sings:

all the docks are quiet (there’s somethin’ wrong)
and there’s no ships comin’ in (i lock step I’m gone)
where there once was a riot (there’s somethin’ wrong)
there’s a whole lot of nothin’ (lock step i’m gone)

Other memorable tracks:

Track 4-“Time Bomb”

Track 9- “Ruby Soho”

Track 12- “She’s Automatic”

Track 13- “Old Friend


Track 7- “Junkie Man”

I looked out on the big field
it opens like the cover of an old bible
And out come the wolves
their paws trampling in the snow the alphabet
I stand on my head and watch it all go away


Tomorrow: “OK Computer” by Radiohead In the next world war..In a jackknifed juggernaut..I am born again.


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