Day 51. “Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!” by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears


If you’ve never listened to Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears…stop reading this, and do it. Now.

Joe Lewis picked up his first guitar while working in a pawn shop in Austin, Texas at the age of 19.

7/24/08 – Jay Janner/AMERICAN-STATESMAN – Black Joe Lewis and the Honey Bears at Victory Grill on Thursday July 24, 2008.


Life spins you in interesting directions. Remember the game of LIFE?

In first grade I was Lucille Ball for famous people day. My mom helped me make a poster board of all of the faces that Lucy made on her shows. I loved making people laugh.

Then I wanted to be an Archaeologist. Those cornfields that I told you about, were littered with artifacts. Pottery pieces, old cans, old coins, and if you were lucky..arrow heads.

My best friend, Kaitlin and I started our own “Rock Club” when we were in 3rd grade. We gave each other little tests to take to determine whether or not we were worthy of being in the club. I learned what it meant to be a spelunker, and traveled to the largest Cavern in the United States.

A few years later my classmates and I created our own news broadcast of Lancaster County. We each split into groups and went to a destination in Lancaster. My group went to the Strasburg Railroad. In our class video, I got to be one of the news casters. Guess what I wanted to be then?

My parents would take me and my siblings hiking on the weekends, and I began to collect more rocks…and then leaves, and then started studying animals. Biologist?

In middle school I started drawing and doodling. From there I began designing my own dream houses. These weren’t little white houses with picket fences…they were grandiose mansions that had a wing for each of my best friends and their boyfriends. Because of course…we were all going to be together forever.

Towards the end of middle school I started getting more and more interested in the big picture. What was going on in the world? What could I do to make a difference? I enjoyed acting, singing and painting..but never really excelled at any of them. I wanted to help people in some way, and make them happy.

Freshman year there was speech. That was the year I realized how much I enjoyed writing. I had done a lot of creative writing throughout middle school, and loved it. However, high school writing brought it to the next level. This was where I could have a voice. This was my time to write about the things that I cared about, and what I believed in. I wrote a persuasive speech on why you should go to a punk rock show.

Sophomore  year I had an increased interest in Architecture & Interior Design. I was drawing again. I took an Autocad class, and ended up landing a little scholarship for my sweet CAD skills (that I no longer posses…shhh!!) I started collecting magazine cut-outs from design magazines. At the same time, I was heavily involved in art. I was now focusing on graphic design. I really enjoyed it. It was like putting my words into a visual. Illustration? 😉

My junior year I began to study pandas and their natural habitats. I took a vet science class, and created my own miniature replicas of panda habitats.

Senior year, I had made up my mind. I was going to go to school for architectural studies.

That later changed to interior design with a focus on sustainable design.

Then I flew to California for an Irish rock musician, and found an interior design internship.

There was a short period of time where I considered playing Tuba for an Irish Band…that did not go through.

Then I found myself working in the restaurant industry, and loving it. Loving the people, loving the music, and loving having freedom during daylight hours! I met lots of interesting people and practiced a lot of patience!

Four years ago this past month, I was given the opportunity to work for a lighting company as outside sales. To some you may think, all of that for a sales position? The past four years I have helped people, contributed to charity, wrote a persuasive speech, educated students, taught many classes, learned the science behind lighting, assembled light fixtures, assisted in the design of many incredible spaces, shared music with co-workers, made many new friendships, traveled with strangers, went to incredible concerts, painted, doodled, hiked…and grew a strong appreciation of how light effects the health and well being of others. I may not be a licensed designer, a scientist or a news caster, but I’m doing all of the things that I love doing 🙂

Told you this music was good!

Tomorrow:“Up From Below” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros  I been sleepin’ for 40 days, and I know I’m sleeping cuz this dream’s too amazin’.


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