Day 57. “Fever to Tell” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Connections revolved around music. This one is rooted deep, 16+ years deep.

Dusk, and I’m heading out the door with Megan. There wasn’t always a lot to do in Lancaster County, but we were good at finding it. It was the time spent together that made it special. We would hop in the PT Cruiser…and do what a PT Cruiser does best-Cruise 😉

Road trips through back country was always something we had to fall back on if we were bored or couldn’t find anything else to occupy our time with. We had a set drive that we did. It was our basic route to Maryland. We’d start at my house, pass through Strasburg, then Quarryville (past Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, where my family and I camped one weekend and my sister was attacked by Yogi himself on the hayride…Hey boo boo!) and eventually over the Susquehanna River into Maryland.

There were times where we barely spoke a word to each other because we were busy singing along to one of our collaborative mixed CDs. Other times all we did was talk. Music was still blaring in the background, but we’d talk. It was mostly jibberish, and weird made up stories but every once and awhile we’d share each others frustrations and give each other pep talks.  Because my friends, that is what the bestest of friends are for 🙂


Can’t wait to see you this weekend, Megan!

Tomorrow: “The Diary of Alicia Keys” by Alicia Keys Hand me the world on a silver platter
And what good would it be…


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