Day 62. “Spice” by Spice Girls


Never thought I would be listening to this album again! This was another gem from the 90s. Another one of those albums that my neighbor and I would skate around to in her parents basement. Girl Power!

It inevitably came back into my life last weekend on a trip to Mexico with a good friend 🙂 What’s a mini road trip to Ensenada without a 90s sing-a-long!

I have to say, although I really despised this music when I was younger, it was a part of my life (with a little help from my friends). I somehow manage to remember a majority of the lyrics. Damn you, pop music.

And now for, “which spice girl are you?”

P.s. I also sang the Spice Girls on my way to Lancaster from the airport…with Katers Potaters… Until next time.

Tomorrow:”Self Titled” by Third Eye Blind 🙂 Semi-Charmed Life.


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