Day 64. “Ten” by Pearl Jam

Poconos Cabin. Me…doing me. 90’s flare.

Track 1- “Once”

When Eddie Vedder sings…

I admit it

I almost want to stop listening, because I really despise that grungy inflection. I imagine a bunch of grungy, bulky douchers sitting around a fire drinking Budweiser. No no no…My inner feminist wants to say, “what is this you are compensating for?”. I guess it was just too masculine for me to handle at the time.

But then he sings…

Once upon a time I could control myself
Ooh, once upon a time I could lose myself, yeah…
Oh, try and mimic what’s insane…ooh, yeah…
I am in it…where do I stand?

And, I’m back in again. I don’t think the Eddie Vedder rasp comes back until Track 4- “Why Go” which happens to be my least favorite song on the album. Not lyrically…but musically, it doesn’t push the right buttons.

Guitar riffs…on point. Really, it makes me want to jump in a monster truck and start driving around the city wreakin’ havoc. Or perhaps that is just the sort of day I have had, and that should be saved for a Rob Zombie album…? Yeah, Rob Zombie for sure. Anyone know anyone with a Monster Truck I can borrow?

I didn’t enjoy Pearl Jam until I gave them a second chance when my friend Meghan told me how much she loved them. That was probably about 5 years ago.

Favorite Tracks:

Track 5- “Black”-  Ahhhh I love this song! So sad, but oh so beautiful. Definitely my favorite on the album.

Track 7- “Oceans“- Yep ❤


The wiki-page for this album is quite the read. Respect.

In conclusion…I like grunge music now. So.. thank you, Meghan.


Tomorrow: “Mellow Gold” by Beck In the time of chimpanzees,
I was a monkey!


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