Day 69. “Magnifique” by Ratatat

Queen Califia’s Magical Circle @ Kit Carson Park 2012

“Magnifique” is another one of those wonderful recommendations from my good friends, the Pungsbys. 🙂

It rained today. All day..which was perfect for this album. The rain drops on Jane (my Golf Sportswagon)’s enormous sunroof, was a nice addition to the instrumentals.

My mind drifted often today while driving. I reminded myself of the recent visit back to Pennsylvania. Sitting in my best friend’s cozy apartment in the city, getting ready to go out to the bars. Ratatat coincidentally playing in the background. The girls putting on make-up while simultaneously stuffing pizza in their mouths…

It is almost like time stops when we’re not together, and months later we hang out like we were together just the day before. I love that 🙂

This is such a lovely album…you should really listen to it. Do it. I’m already double-daring you to.

Favorite tracks:

Track 2- “Cream on Chrome”

Track 5- “Countach”

Track 6- “Drift”

Track 7- “Pricks of Brightness”

Track 8- “Nightclub Amnesia”


Tomorrow: “Baby Darling Doll Face Honey” by Band of Skulls I wanna see you in the morning! I wanna see you when the breaking day is dawning!


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