Day 70. “Baby Darling Doll Face Honey” by Band of Skulls

Band of Skulls @ Independence Jam 2011

As I mentioned before…Independence Jam is held under the Oceanside Pier, right on the beach.


When Band of Skulls came on stage, the sun was just starting to set. I thought to myself (but probably aloud), “Who the hell are these bad ass rock stars dressed in Amish garb?”


Apparently, I had my craft beer goggles on. I remember Meghan and I going on about how everyone in the audience was 12 years old, and then we looked over and saw a guy sending beer through what appeared to be an “IV” tube…..true story.

When “Band of Skulls” started playing, it was magical. It was no longer those craft beers raising the hair on my arms ( it definitely could have been that ocean breeze…). Either way, I fell in love.

Though their instrumentals are simple, their harmonies are indelible. Especially on my favorite…

Track 5- “Honest”

You gotta be honest
You gotta be guarded
Sure I’m gonna say
Right on the inside, that is the hardest, the hardest game to play.
You sorted it all out and managed to slip through the night into the day.
Life and the soul do you ever get lonely?
I’m goin’ take you on.


I don’t think I could ever get sick of this album. Therefore, you should probably check it out 🙂

To the weekend, Robin!


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