Day 74. “The Specials” by The Specials

Todd, Me and The Ladies at Royal Dive in Oceanside-Circa 2008

I LOVE this album 🙂

Been dancing to it in the car allllll day!


Track 1- “A Message to you Rudy”

Stop your messing around (ah-ah-ah)
Better think of your future (ah-ah-ah)
Time you straighten right out (ah-ah-ah)
Creating problems in town (ah-ah-ah)

Oh, the days of The Royal Dive in Oceanside. I despised the place at first. One of the bartenders would let all these 16 year old girls in (for reasons I would not comply with), but when I was 20…I couldn’t put a foot in the door because I didn’t want to sleep with him. Nick was playing shows there on a regular basis, and all my friends would be there. Not I. I was having bon-fires on the beach with my other underage friends, Dureid & Justin-collaborating on songs about how I was going to turn 21 soon and no longer hangout with them. I really wish I remembered the lyrics to that song…Dureid?

When I did turn 21, I waltzed into that place like it was my bitch (Not really…but for the sake of the story sounding better than it really was) I ate all the free popcorn, had the barflies buy all my beers, initialed that bathroom wall, danced like nobody’s business to all the crazy punk/reggae bands, and glared at all the groupies trying to scoop up my man (or I made friends with them…again for the sake of the story…)

Track 4- “Nite Klub”

Nite Klub, is this the in place to be?
Nite Klub, what am I doing here?
Nite Klub, watching the girls go by
Spending money on…


And now for…The Bleeding Irish @ The Royal Dive. Live @ The Dive.

The Royal Dive. RIP. 2014.


Track 14- “You’re Wondering Now”

You’re wondering now,
What to do, now you know this is the end
You’re wondering how,
You will pay, for the way you did behave

Tomorrow: “Burning Bridges” by Haste The Day  Christian Metalcore…It’s a thing…that these guys do…and they do it well. \m/


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