Day 78. “No Need to Argue” by The Cranberries

Hanging out with Frisky…not sure what is going on with the cardboard tube…Sweet Native American T-shirt. Frown face.


Track 4- “Zombie”

Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And the violence caused such silence
Who are we mistaken

But you see it’s not me
It’s not my family
In your head, in your
Head they are fighting
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns
In your head,
In your head they are cryin’

When I was little, I sort of lived in a bubble. I believe many of us do for awhile, and especially if we grew up in “the norm”. We tend to be sheltered from a lot of what is going on around us. One of my sister’s teachers had lost their child in an accident. We had attended the memorial services, where they played this song. It was her favorite. I didn’t have much emotion  towards the ceremony, because frankly I didn’t really understand. It was a year later when that teacher took their own life, that this song came back around. I don’t think I even knew what suicide was. I remember my mom trying to explain it to me, and I just sat in my closet for days after school. I didn’t cry, but was angry. I didn’t understand.

Since then, that bubble has broken. Although there are times that I wish I was still living in it, that’s life. Since then, I’ve been through it many more times. Friends and acquaintances taking their lives. Since then, I’ve learned the importance of always being there when someone needs you and realizing when someone needs you. In our age of text messages and social media, it is often difficult to decipher. It never hurts to ask someone if they are okay ❤


Track 12- “Daffodil Lament”

Holding on, that’s what I do since I met you.
And it won’t be long. Would you notice if I left you?
And it’s fine for some ’cause you’re not the one,
You’re not the one there…
There… there… there… there… there…

All night long, laid on my pillow,
These things are wrong.
I can’t sleep here!

So lovely, so lovely, so lovely.


Melancholia ❤


Tomorrow: “Original Pirate Material” by The Streets That’s it. Turn the page on the day, walk away.




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