Day 79. “Original Pirate Material” by The Streets

My good friend Mike D on our trip to Florence, Italy in 2005 🙂

What to say…what to say… Mike introduced me to “The Streets”, shortly after our excursion on THE STREETS of Firenze! (I know…I’m a dork).

Mike always supplied me with different music to listen to. Then, years later, I try and share music with him. He laughs…because it is always something that he shared with me years before. Always ahead of our time, that Mike D is. I’m assuming the album I’m listening to tomorrow also came from his recommendation 🙂

“Original Pirate Material” is definitely original. It’s a mixture of everyday fuck-ups, hiccups and stirrups?


Listening to them at first might seem a little silly. Mike Skinner is quite comedic after all. But, once you pay attention to this wordsmith, you will be pleasantly surprised. So, do it!

Go listen, and then read the lyrics here 🙂

AND THEN, read this pitchfork review, because my writing is a bit lack-luster as of late.

AND THEN, go listen to some Prince ❤ RIP. I’ll be sure to pull one of his albums out next week.

Tomorrow: “The Warning” by Hot Chip  Every year, exactly this time of year,They go up, balloon up into the air, And hold onto one who is near, Remember everything is here.



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