Day 81. “Is A Real Boy” by Say Anything




This past Saturday was the second time I went to witness one of the most talented bands I have ever seen perform live, Say Anything.

I’ve loved Say Anything since I was in high-school and this album came out. My friend Megan and I had created customized dances/sign language performances for each of the songs on this album. We would drive around the countryside acting them out and screaming the songs at the top of our lungs.

Max Bemis is an incredible lyricist, but he’s also a  passionate performer…which I love. What’s the point of going to see a live show if there’s no passion?




Tomorrow: “The Satanic Satanist” by Portugal The Man “What a lovely day, yeah, we won the war. May have lost a million men, but we’ve got a million more.”


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