Day 86. “Let Life Flow” by Kenny Neal

Me and Dad 🙂

“Let Life Flow” by Kenny Neal

If I had to name the most important album of my life, it would be this one.

It was released 8 years ago this month, when my Dad was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

Track 3- “You’ve Gotta Hurt Before You Heal”

“Just when you think the pain is all gone, don’t fool yourself because here’s the deal, that’s the way love works…you’ve gotta hurt before you heal.”

Track 5- “Starlight Diamond”

Memories of snuggling up with my Dad at a concert in the park with that grey, itchy, wool blanket under the stars. Him always trying to convince Lydia and I to go up and dance in front of the stage. Usually he’d just get up and start dancing wherever we were. I loved that ❤

It is crazy to think it has been 8 years since he passed away. There are days like today where I really wish I could just call him, and hear about what he’s planting in the garden or a new album he’s been listening to, or how much rain there is in the rain gauge.

All I have left are the sweet memories that randomly pop into my head every so often. When I listen to this album, my mind is flooded with them.

Dad, I love you. ❤ Always and forever.

Track 10- “Fly Away”

Tomorow: “Fleet Foxes” by Fleet Foxes The sun rising, Dangling there, Golden and fair,
In the sky.


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