Day 92. “Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike” by Gogol Bordello

Dureid. This is at a Weezer concert…but it works.


So, although I dedicate this post to my good friend, Dureid…I actually heard Gogol Bordello long before we met.

The first time I heard Gogol Bordello was on a soundtrack from one of my favorite movies, “Everything is Illuminated


The song was “Start Wearing Purple” (which isn’t on this album). I heard again the year after I graduated. It was 2006, and I had just finished up my finals for my freshman year of college. I was taking my classes online, so I submitted my last project minutes before midnight. Then I head over to my friend’s party in the city, at which I was greeted by one of my best friends and a bottle of Wild Turkey (never. again.). That same night we were all dancing in the living room…and what song came on? None other but, you guessed it…”Start Wearing Purple”. Someone seriously injured themselves while dancing that evening. That someone was not me.

Years later, I arrive in Oceanside, CA. I’m dating this “Irish” guy, and we meet a pleasant fellow of the name, Dureid. We all bonded within a common thread, music. Dureid played guitar, Nick played guitar, I played…tuba…

Dureid and I both listen to Gogol Bordello. Before we met, I only really listened to a few songs. I now own all of their albums.


Illuminating realization number one:
You are the only light there is
For yourself my friend


Tomorrow: “Goldfinger” by Goldfinger Babies, hug the puppy dogs. She makes me feel like a mom. Smell the flowers and plant a tree. I gotta say that Mable — She’s the bomb!


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