Day 93. “Goldfinger” by Goldfinger

Gordon @ Giant Eagle, in Pittsburgh, on Halloween, dressed as Borat, in 2006.

Surprisingly, I owe a lot to this old friend who has contributed to a lot of my musical repertoire. Whether it was school band practice, musical theater, hanging out listening to albums or attending concerts…he was there. High fives! Very Nice!

Gordon introduced me to Goldfinger in middle school. I’m sure he just wanted to assure me that there was more to the punk music era than MxPx. I was ill-prepared for the plethora of bands that encompassed “ska“. I learned to take it all in…and of course, it was awesome.

This past year I saw Goldfinger perform for the first time! Although all the band members are different now with the exception of the lead singer, freakin’ Mike Hererra played bass with them! Epic.


A few things I really love about this album:

It’s real life.

The love songs aren’t sappy.

They’ve got a sense of humor.

Anxiety is a topic of conversation.


A song about how terrible LA is? Yes please.

I can dance in the car to it.


Tomorrow: “The Second” by Steppenwolf  Ride the waves of ever love. Let them throw you on the beach. Gathering experience. While it’s still in your reach.



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