Day 106. “Lickety Split” by Robert Randolph & the Family Band


One of the best concerts you could ever bring yourself to, would be a Robert Randolph & the Family Band show. Seriously.

Friday night was the third time I had seen them live, and it made for another memorable night on the books.

Reasons why you should see Robert Randolph & the Family Band:

  1. Everyone else is there. Really though, the crowd for Robert Randolph ranges all ages and types of people! The best music brings everyone together 🙂
  2. If you can’t dance, you’ll learn to.
  3. You’re going to walk away feeling like you were high-fived by 1000 new friends.
  4. Robert Randolph has a smile that is pure gold (not literally-nothing but pearly whites here).



Lickety SPLIT!

Track 1- “Amped Up” yessssss


Friday was not going as planned. I was excited for a great show, but also preparing to be let down by a friend.

But, when you feel low…the best you can do is GET AMPED UP! 🙂 And that, is what I did.

We’re about to start a party in here! Keys, bass, drums & guitar in here! Looks like we’ve got a good crowd in here! Turn it up to 10 and get loud in here!

Track 2- “Born Again” Awesome song about turning your life around and being happy.

Track 4- “Take the Party” featuring Trombone Shorty so you know it’s gotta be great!

Track 5- “Brand New Wayo” …when they played this Friday night…it was. awesome. HEY! It’s a Brand New Wayo!

Track 8- “Love Rollercoaster”

Track 10- “Get Ready” as our friend Don said Friday night…all they say in the entire song is Get Ready. Are you ready….to have a fan-freaking-tastic time?

Track 11- “Welcome Home” Beautiful song about a family member in the service.


Hope you had a good night.

Tomorrow: “Fireflies” by Justine Froese



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