Day 107. “Fireflies” by Justin Froese

Private house concert with Justin Froese 5/28/16

Track 1- “Fireflies”

If you build a dream, let it come true! If you build a dream, let it build you, yeah!

I’m all about that!

Track 5- “Assalaam Alaykum”…Which translates to Peace be upon you. I’m sure many of us can relate to this song. Being disappointed by humanity, and trying to remember to just put it aside. Justin told the story of how he came up with this song. He was scammed by someone while he was a tourist. Simple topic…but powerful message.

Track 10- “In the Raw” Not sure what this song is about, but I really like it.

Through the storm or the pain, Wind so wild, but the eye is tame. Will you thrash, will you learn. Will you see your hopes, As they watch you burn.

Saturday night ended up being another fantastic evening of music! I recently met someone through work that just moved out to San Diego. We started talking about music, and wallah. I was lucky enough to get invited to this super cool private house concert.

I just love how music brings people together 🙂

Check out this album by Justin Froese. This week he and a fellow musician embark on a seven week tour through Europe! Safe travels!

Tomorrow: “Gossip In The Grain” by Ray LaMontagne


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