Day 112: “Weezer” by Weezer


“Weezer” by Weezer

Carolyn was a friend I rode the bus with to middle school. She moved to Willow Street for a couple of years, and would invite me over to play video games, listen to music and paint. Sometimes we would just go and explore the neighboring landscapes. She had a super sweet backyard with a creek and a bridge.

Carolyn introduced me to Weezer. Thank you, Carolyn!

I listened to the sweater song over 100 times that year.

Also, on repeat, were Say It Ain’t So, Only in Dreams, My name is Jonas, Buddy Holly, In the Garage, Surf Wax America…okay so a majority of the album.

I finally saw Weezer in concert two years ago at the Del Mar Race Tracks. They did not disappoint!


Weezer in Del Mar

Sayyyyyyy it ain’t sooooooooooo…..

Ps….I VOTED TODAY! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tomorrow: “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” by Modest Mouse



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