Day 125. “Fleetwood Mac” by Fleetwood Mac

My wonderful hippy dippy parents 🙂


I’ve listened to Fleetwood Mac plenty of times…but I’ve listen to all of the same stuff that you’ve all probably listened to…the “classic” big hits with Stevie Nicks.

So…this isn’t the self-titled album you are thinking of from 1975 (the white album)..this is the original self-titled from 1968! The debut album from Fleetwood Mac when there was no such thing as Stevie Nicks.

To be honest, I didn’t even really know about this…until this morning when I was thinking…I should really check out the first album by Fleetwood Mac, since my Dad was so adamant about all of his friends listening to their entire opus.

Blues, blues and more blues. I like it 🙂 A pleasant way to start the weekend!





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