Day 130: “Say It Like You Mean It” by The Starting Line

Megan and I at the Chameleon 🙂


The Chameleon in Lancaster, PA was the best place to see one of your favorite bands. My friends and I probably spent a good majority of our money to go to shows. The Starting Line was one of those shows.

Going to a show at the Chameleon Club was a ritual in itself. We would spend a few hours putting together our favorite outfit…typically some black band t-shirt  with the neck cut out of it, pair of ripped jeans..and some sharpie adorned sneakers (probably chucks). Perfectly disheveled and back-combed hair with a bandanna…and some sweet jewelry to top it off.

Once we’d finish making ourselves look as awesome as possible…we would drive through the city, park in the usual water street parking garage…and walk over to wait in line for an hour to see the show.

Waiting in line for a show in Lancaster wasn’t so excruciating because everyone in Lancaster knows each other…for the most part. If you didn’t know someone, you would most likely make friends with them while in line…especially if you were with Megan.

Once we got inside, we would situate ourselves in the best possible spot to watch the show…always the front left side of the stage because that was the side where the bands entered the stage. Not really sure if that is why we always picked that side…but that is the only logical reason I could come up with…that and it was the easiest exit route so we could quickly get to the back alley to meet the band after the show!

I don’t remember who opened for The Starting Line, or even what songs they played. All I remember is that the lead singer wasn’t wearing any undergarments  and mooned the audience throughout the entire show. Distracting.

After the show, we ran to the back alley to meet them…and made sure to let them know that they were mooning the audience. We also got our tickets signed. Why not?



so adorable.


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