Day 139: “The Joshua Tree” by U2

That’s me, with a Joshua Tree…


On the contrary to my thoughts yesterday, I absolutely love this album. I guess I never realized that it was called “The Joshua Tree”. Despite that it is probably one of the most well-known album names out there and is referenced all the time.

For example:


I remember listening to this album growing up. I wonder if my parents listened to it when I was born…I mean it did come out the year of my birth…Mom?

This album is like the ultimate inspirational poster. High energy, beautiful lyrics, and the one and only…”Bono”, the philanthropic performer himself.

The album itself is said to be in relation to the band’s love/hate relationship with the United States.

Following a 1985 humanitarian visit to Ethiopia with his wife Ali, Bono said, “Spending time in Africa and seeing people in the pits of poverty, I still saw a very strong spirit in the people, a richness of spirit I didn’t see when I came home… I saw the spoiled child of the Western world. I started thinking, ‘They may have a physical desert, but we’ve got other kinds of deserts.’ And that’s what attracted me to the desert as a symbol of some sort.”[4]

Joshua Tree Sunset ❤ My first visit of many to this beautiful park!


Tomorrow: Pontiac by Lyle Lovett …If I had a boat…


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