Day 142: “Writer’s Block” by Peter Bjorn and John

John? Independence Jam 2011 at the Oceanside Pier


So…I love this band. That being said, the one time that I saw them live was a huge disappointment. However, it wasn’t their fault. The sound guy messed up their monitors so everything was completely off. Such a bummer.

I’ve been to quite a few concerts where this has happened…and it SUCKS! You are so excited to see a live show that you pay way more money than the album you bought…and the sound is terrible. No bueno…

Despite the crappy sound job, this band had incredible energy on stage. I would love to see them again (in a better venue). Look’s like they’re playing The Roxy in August! 🙂


Tomorrow: “Roseland NYC Live” by Portishead



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