Day 172: “Colorblind” by Robert Randolph & The Family Band

The fabulous Heather 🙂


Day 172: “Colorblind” by Robert Randolph & The Family Band

I truly needed this album today. It couldn’t have been timed more perfectly! Heather introduced me to Robert Randolph & The Family Band about 6 years ago.

We were working together at a small family owned restaurant in Escondido called “Tango”. I lived down the street from the restaurant, but Heather lived all the way down south in San Diego. She would conveniently come to visit me before and after work, since we didn’t share the same shifts.

One day Heather was over, and we were having a particularly fun afternoon chatting and smoking Nat Shermans in the courtyard of my apartment complex. I was super excited to show Heather the new bright green round rug I had purchased a few days prior.

She followed me back to my apartment to see the rug. Then, traditionally we would rock out to some new tunes. This time she had something that her fiance (now husband) had introduced to her. It was this album 🙂

We danced around the new green rug…and at some point I’m pretty sure I made a reference regarding the rug being like the grass outside, and that the music was perfect for a BBQ. Now every time we hear these songs we exclaim, “Roastin’ doggies on the fire”….and that there explains our weird humor/imagination fused with the power of music!




Tomorrow: “Rockin’ the Suburbs” by Ben Folds …one of my all time favs…


Day 171: “Busted Stuff” by Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band @ Sleep Train in Chula Vista 8/26/16.


Day 171:  “Busted Stuff” by Dave Matthews Band

Getting your period, and remembering the day of your father’s death are separately trying times for a woman in her late 20’s. Combine them with the pressure of work, and boom…you have yourself a ticking time bomb.

Thank god it was a Friday, and thank god for a spectacular guest appearance of Robert Randolph at the Dave Matthews Band show that evening.

I’ve always wanted to see Dave Matthews live…but never expected it to take me this long to see him!

He puts on a great show.

I decided it was time to dive a little deeper, and check out another album of theirs. So, here I am in all my period raging glory…drinking a Rebel Grapefruit IPA, painting my nails a beautiful Revlon shade of “Fashionista”, and melting into the sounds of Dave…


Track 7- “Grace is Gone”

Neon shines through smoky eyes tonight
It’s 2 am – I’m drunk again it’s heavy on my mind
I could never love again so much as I love you
Where you end where I begin is like a river going through
Take my eyes take my heart I need them no more
If never again they fall upon the one I so adore

Excuse me please one more drink
Could make it strong cause I don’t need to think
She broke my heart my Grace is gone
One more drink and I’ll move on


Cheers to Monday.


Tomorrow: “Colorblind” by Robert Randolph & The Family Band  YAAASSSS! 🙂 Grab yo dancing shoes!

Day 170: “Punk in Drublic” by NoFx

My Dad knew how to party 🙂

Day 170: “Punk in Drublic” by NoFx

I learned a lot from my Dad. He taught me optimism, giving people second chances, self expression, and being honest with myself.

Above all, my Dad taught me to let loose and have fun. Growing up I had a lot of opinions and struggles with everything going on in the world. I listened to a lot of politically driven music (this album being one of them), that I often forgot to stop and just appreciate everything good happening around me. My Dad was great at that.

Have opinions, always question, but never take for granted the wonderful things that make this life worth living.

And with that, may you all enjoy the weekend ❤

p.s. this is probably the most inappropriate album for this day…but it was fun rockin’ out in my car 🙂 I know Dad would appreciate that.

Day 169: “Evildoers Beware” by Mustard Plug

Making fake tough faces with Rocky…



Day 169: “Evildoers Beware” by Mustard Plug

Again, thanks Andrew! I am so happy I broke out this album again 🙂 There is nothing like rocking out in your car to ska/punk. Perfect remedy for a tough week.



Track 4- “You”

You never told me
What was wrong or what was right
You never told me
Why you couldn’t sleep at night
I know you’ve heard this before
But I’ll say it once more
You’ve done all you can
And you can’t do any more
But thats alright
‘Cause I’ll just wait and see
Till you realize
You never told me

You never told me
You never you never
You never told me

And I know that things have changed
As I know they always do
And I know we’re not the same
To think we were I was a fool
But I never thought I’d see
Even in my darkest dream
‘Cause full circle will remain
The most unkindest cut of all

You never told me
Why you were never around
You never told me
Why you were so popular in town
I know that it’s true
That the damage is done
That you wasted my time
While you were out having fun
But that’s alright
‘Cause I’ll just wait and see
That you realize
You never told me

But you left me every sign
So obvious for all to see
But I turned and looked away
‘Cause I could not bare the thought
So I shifted all the blame
So it didn’t hurt so much
Now the weight is crushing me
I’ve got to rise and push it off

You never told me
Why you left and went away
You never told me
That this would happen to me today
I know now that you’re gone
I’m feeling so good
I always thought you’d leave
But never knew you would
But that’s alright
‘Cause I’ll just wait and see
That you realize
You never told me



Tomorrow: “Punk in Drublic” by NoFx

Day 166: “Steal the Light” by The Cat Empire

Dad playing his double Euphonium….in bed?



Day 166:  “Steal the Light” by Cat Empire

This week is often the hardest of the year for me, as it marks the anniversary of my Dad’s passing. It is important to remind myself that he would never want me to be sad, or wallow. So instead, I filled my week with the most fantastic and fun SKA music I could find from my past.

No, my Dad wasn’t into “SKA” (or at least not the kind of Ska I was listening to), but he’d often peek into my room when I was younger and crack jokes about my love for this type of music.

Out of all the albums this week, I do think my Dad would have enjoyed The Cat Empire. I’m also pretty sure he would have thoroughly enjoyed getting his dance on to this album, and I’m pretty sure you will too 🙂

So Dad, this one is for you and everyone else you may know!


Track 3- “Steal the Light”

Sing now muse I won’t be scared
She’s wearing flowers not snakes up in her hair tonight
And love we’ve been around before
We washed up on the old shore but it’s new tonight

‘It’s only light’ she said
‘But we are liars to be free’
Ooh ooh ooh we’ll steal the light to see

The hour falls we fall to dance
Now sirens and the marching bands sing
‘It’s nothing but chance tonight’
The billion ones and many few
And everyone I never new they’re here tonight

‘It’s only light’ we said
But we are liars to be free
Ooh ooh ooh we’ll steal the light to see

What if I’m lonely?
What if the skies should fall and disappear?
For one night only
Open your eyes and run into the clear
So if I may, what if I say
‘It’s good to have you here!’

She said ‘If you lead I’ll come along
And if you need me there I’ll sing your song tonight
And all that glows and all that shines
And all we leave behind will keep them warm tonight’

‘It’s only light’ I said
But we are liars to be free
Ooh ooh ooh we’ll steal the light to see

What if I’m lonely?
What if the skies should fall and disappear?
For one night only
Open your eyes and run into the clear
I love you only
Until the skies fall down and disappear
So if I may, what if I say
‘It’s good to have you here!’
Oh oh oh…


I could dance to this album all year long! I love it! Undoubtedly a great cure for the case of the dreaded Mondays! Dance your dread away!


Tomorrow: “Keasbey Nights” by Streetlight Manifesto


Day 165: “Carry on the Grudge” by Jamie T

Sunset reflecting off my sliding glass door.

After a long and stressful week at work, it was time for a singer/songwriter.

You should definitely check this guy out if you haven’t heard him already. He’s got a great voice, and writes some pretty good lyrics as well! He reminds me a little bit of “Bright Eyes“.


Track 4- “Zombie”

Love, she sees apart from me
Possessed behind the eyes
Apart from the frightening,
The moaning, the biting
He seemed to be a nice guy

And I know what she thinks when she looks at me,
When she looks with such despair
You’re not the only one around here who needs a bit of fresh air

Cause I’m a sad sad post teen
Could have been a love machine
No dream, come clean
Walking like a zombie, like a zombie
And I’m a coal train, fast lane
Caught up in the dirty rain
No pain, no gain
Walking like a zombie, like a zombie



Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Day 164: “Up on the Sun” by Meat Puppets

Kaitlin & I in the desert! Anza Borrego.

Kaitlin, I remember when we used to play “Devil May Cry” on your PS2…and there was that level called “Curse of the Bloody Puppets”. I’m pretty sure we called them the “Meat Puppets”. Then you texted me out of the blue one day and said…”um….there is a band called Meat Puppets”.

Well…years later, I started reading this book called “Hardcore Zen” where the author talks about the Meat Puppets. I figured it was a sign that I should listen to one of their albums…so here I am.




Tomorrow: “Carry on the Grudge” by Jamie T

Day 163: “Germ Free Adolescents” by X-Ray Spex

punk rock selfie… Circa..2002?


Track 6- “Identity”


Is the crisis

Can’t you see

Identity identity

When you look in the mirror

Do you see yourself

Do you see yourself

On the t.v. screen

Do you see yourself

In the magazine

When you see yourself

Does it make you scream

When you look in the mirror

Do you smash it quick

Do you take the glass

And slash your wrists

Did you do it for fame

Did you do it in a fit

Did you do it before

You read about it


X-Ray Spex was a late 70’s – early 80’s punk band from London. If you’ve every listened to the disc jockey artist “Girl Talk“, you’ve probably heard X-Ray Spex sampled a few times (“Smash Your Head” and “Too Deep“).



Tomorrow: “Up on the Sun” by Meat Puppets