Day 153: “Undertow” by Drenge

Melrose Place, Escondido…one of my many homes.

Day 153: “Undertow” by Drenge

I discovered “Drenge” through the wonderful world of Spotify. Their one song rocked my world, so I decided now is the time to listen to one of their albums in its entirety. Here I am!

They’re grungy, English, progressive and melodic! Nirvana meets Iggy Pop? I don’t know, but I like it…so you should check it out 🙂


Track 2- “Running Wild”

As you were, like a child
Innocent and running Wild
And now you’re old and you’re grey haired
Your dead-eyed stare
You’re running Scared

When you were young the fires spread
Southeasterly to Beachy head
And London’s husk out rust
That fled the lungs a bag of dust

Draw a line in the sand
Coast-to-coast and man-to-man
Repopulate the Sherwood Forest
And lynch the deathly pale this honest

Carve a scar across the earth
Visible from high above
North and south, sever ties
Kiss your enemies goodbye

Hold of my heart like a stone
Over waters deep below
And running home, through the night
I was running fast
I was running scared
I was running wild


Tomorrow: “Yours, Dreamily,” by The Arcs


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