Day 154: “Yours, Dreamily,” by The Arcs

George and I trying to look cool…PBurgh Days 🙂 Circa 2007.

Day 154: “Yours, Dreamily,” by The Arcs


Sorry, George. I’m not listening to Creed or House of the Rising Sun…You should check out this album though. Who knows, you may like it!


The Arcs is a side project by Dan from The Black Keys. It. is. awesome.

George is also awesome, though we haven’t spoken in a long time. He was my best friend the year I moved to Pittsburgh for college.

I remember one time George and I decided to get dinner somewhere.

He said, “Sorry, Mealz. I’m not the gentleman type. I don’t pay for women unless I plan on sleeping with them later.”

Once it was established that I didn’t want to sleep with anyone in college, we became the best of friends. George enjoyed making fun of me shooting down guys, and I enjoyed making fun of George’s drunken escapades.

Track 3-“Put A Flower In Your Pocket”

Put a flower in your pocket
If you seem them boy, you drop it
And you run, run

They may pretend they like you
But man’s best friend will bite you
Just for fun, fun
If they’re gunning for you boy, you’ve already won


Ahhh…college days 🙂


Tomorrow: “Nonagon Infinity” by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard


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