Day 156: “Light The Horizon” by Bedouin Soundclash


Day 156:  “Light The Horizon” by Bedouin Soundclash

I was a little worried when I started listening to this album…Sounded a bit like Third Eye Blind meets Simon & Garfunkel…meets…white people reggae (apparently that is a thing).

However, after a good 4-5 listens…I’m really starting to enjoy it. I even find myself singing along. That being said, it reminds me of one of the infamous quotes by  Shoshanna on the TV show “Girls“… start at :16


Basically…you hate it…but then you listen to it so many times that you end up loving it.


The pop music industry does this every day! Musical brainwashing!


Note to self…if I ever start a punk rock band, hold all my friends and family captive and make them listen to my album over and over again until they are forced to love it.


In other news, I actually started listening to this album over the weekend. My roommate made beautiful, sweet imagery out of it. So, thank you Jessika…for this.


…sorry, Todd (for the really bad photoshop skills)-this is payback for not coming to my birthday party. We can definitely see you swaying on the beach in a grass skirt to this song:



In other, other news…how bad are my posts these days? 😐


Tomorrow:  “Red, Yellow & Blue” by Born Ruffians


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