Day 198: “Indiscretions” by Achille Lauro

You know..just a Popple drinkin’ some wine 😉

Day 198: “Indiscretions” by Achille Lauro


This song… Track 3- “Unicorns and Consent”

Which is how the band came to be at Casselman’s, introducing a song called “Unicorns and Consent” as “This song is about unicorns and drag racing.” Actually, that song is about apathy (Consent) and delusion (Unicorns) in mass politics. Close used to write more or less arbitrary lyrics, the words merely vessels for melody. Acknowledging the fact that some people need words to cling to in their rock music, he’s focusing more on the meaning of his lyrics now.

This album is all kinds of weird…but once you figure out what the artist is eluding to, it is pretty interesting!

Check it.


Tomorrow: “Salvation is a Deep Dark Well” by The Builders and The Butchers


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