Day 207. “iii” by Miike Snow

Thrift Store Swag.

Day 207. “iii” by Miike Snow

Jessika and I are great “fwends“, and room-mates. We also like to show off our dance skills to Genghis Khan.

Fun album 🙂 Didn’t get the best of reviews, but I enjoyed it! Swedish Indie-pop? That’s a thing. I dig it.

Also, I really like this song:

Track 10- “Longshot (7 nights)

he sings:

I, I know you been needing time to set aside
You found a party each and every night
See it in your eyes
You’re running out of time
I see you fake but you can’t take the ticking

Oh girl, your chasing thrills are
Known through most the world
Why do you stay up all night
Cause you heard its the way to be
I can stay on leave
I’m ready now
As long as you’re willing

7 nights up all night
7 night you feel alright
Cause 7 nights is a good time
Until the stars are gone
I don’t wanna chase the fame
And have everybody know my name

I’m an old man now look at me
Just go go on forget me
It’s always been a long shot
I said it’s always been a long shot

Ooh you been there [?]
There’s always one more situation to cover
Do you really love it
Do you really love it
It’s always been a longshot

Tomorrow: “99 Cents” by Santigold


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