Day 237. “low kii Savage” by Kiiara

“Sun Swarm” by Chris Bell, Outside the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Pier 17.

Learn more about Chris Bell here.

Day 237. “low kii Savage” by Kiiara

People these days are always complaining about the “new” music…and how horrible it is. I beg to differ. Although this EP didn’t recieve the greatest reviews, I give Kiiara credit for her creativity in trying something different. I dig it. (Also, I guess I voilated my own rules on not doing any EP’s…but, heck with it…this is my blog)

So, Kiiara is an emo chick…She also is just 21 years old. Oh no! God forbid….another millenial 😐 Oh no! She is complaining about her life! 😐 She’s an artist…that is what artists do. Self expression through art. Deal with it. And, enjoy.


P.s. I don’t actually know anything about Kiiara…

Tomorrow: “Visions” by Grimes


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