Day 260. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by The Beatles

Brubakers + Zieglers. Christmas 2016 🙂

Day 260. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by The Beatles

Here we are…the last day of my blog for 2016. I believe in the importance of the weird, the silly, and the light-hearted. Sometimes we take things too seriously, and need to remember to have fun and explore creativity.

Though this album may have been highly influenced by recreational drugs, it still embodies those mentioned above. The Beatles were able to give themselves an alter ego to experiment and try something new.

What I learned from experimenting and trying something new this year:

  1. Writing a meaningful entry every day of the week is very hard.
  2. It creates interesting conversations
  3. It provides a platform for developing new ideas
  4. You have to keep things fresh…or your writing starts to flat-line.
  5. When you’re writing starts to flat-line, you could end up repeating yourself. (see Days 60, 204, 85 & 203)
  6. True test of your memory bank
  7. There are a lot of albums I can’t stomach to listen to more than one time
  8. I have many accomplishments
  9. I really miss listening to playlists
  10. Grammar/spelling mistakes…I gotta work on that 🙂

I’d like to dedicate this year’s blog ( my first blog ), to all the people that have influenced me musically and creatively throughout my life. There are a lot of you out there, and I’m very thankful for that 🙂

With that comes the idea for next year! In 2017 I will be interviewing people about their musical influences. Every Monday I will have a new entry with stories, memories, expressions from one or multiple individuals. I’m looking forward to hearing how music has shaped your life!

So, if you have a story that you’d like me to share, please e-mail it to me at:

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for reading.

❤ Amelia


Day 257. “Idlewild South” by The Allman Brothers Band

Just me chillin’ at the beach.

Day 257. “Idlewild South” by The Allman Brothers Band

Another groundbreaking album. This one, from 1970. My friend Melissa introduced me to The Allman Brothers Band. Thank you, Melissa!

The Allman Brothers recorded this album (their second album) while on tour across the United States. Their band manager wanted them to move to New York instead of staying in the South in which their reply was a flip of the bird.

Although this album brought The Allman Brothers more commercial success, it was their live performances that really drew in fans. Incredible musicians with all types of southern influences. Gospel. Country. Blues. It was their ability to improvise and change the music at every show. One of the first commercially recognized “jam bands”.


When I listen to this album, it feels like a concert. Their jam wasn’t lost in this production.

Ps. Track 3 is one of my favorite songs of all time. “Midnight Rider”

Tomorrow: “Tapestry” by Carol King

Day 256. “In the Wee Small Hours” by Frank Sinatra


Day 256. “In the Wee Small Hours” by Frank Sinatra

I’ve never heard this album. Yes, I’ve listened to Franky Blue Eyes plenty of times…but just the popular hits. This is definitely different from the “New York, New York” Frank that I’m used to. From what I’ve read, this was a groundbreaking album of its time (1955). It was one of the first concept albums. Rather than being a collection of singles/hits, it was an album that presented a statement.

I chose this album to wrap up the year because of that. The purpose of this musical journey was to appreciate the art of an album.




Tomorrow: “Idlewild South” by The Allman Brothers Band

Day 259. “The Velvet Underground & Nico” by The Velvet Underground & Nico

The Muhlenberg Trail-Lancaster County Park, PA

Day 259. “The Velvet Underground & Nico” by The Velvet Underground & Nico

Sunday morning
Praise the dawning
It’s just a restless feeling
By my side

Early dawning
Sunday morning
It’s all the wasted years
So close behind

Watch out the world’s behind you
There’s always someone around you
Who will call
It’s nothing at all

Track 1-“Sunday Morning”

I bought this album about 4 years ago. It was the 45th anniversary edition. I am so glad I bought it…because it is probably one of the best albums I own.

It’s art….through and through. Also, probably one of the most influential albums of all time. It also happened to be recorded during one of artist Andy Warhol’s most prominent tours-hence the pop art banana on the album cover. Upon it’s release, it barely did a thing…sold 30,000 copies. It didn’t receive any praise until a decade later. Praised for its influence on modern rock, there has to be very few music connoisseurs out there that don’t have this in their collection.

The first time I heard The Velvet Underground was on the soundtrack for the film “Velvet Goldmine

Tomorrow is the last day!!!

Tomorrow: “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by The Beatles

Day 258. “Tapestry” by Carol King

Dad, Mom & Baby me. Circa 1987.

Day 258. “Tapestry” by Carol King

This album sounds pretty familiar. I must have heard it when I was little.

This is a pretty powerful album for the ladies! It was groundbreaking (1971) that a female singer/songwriter could hold the number one spot for 15 weeks. Carol held that record for 20 years. She also made the statement that women could use their voices in a much more creative and emotional way despite being held to such high vocal standards.


The power of music. I believe I have an idea of where I’m going to take this blog next year.

Tomorrow: “The Velvet Underground & Nico” by The Velvet Underground & Nico

Day 254. “Christmas Eve with Burl Ives” by Burl Ives

Lydia and I with the Easter Bunny…and Santa 🙂

Day 254. “Christmas Eve with Burl Ives” by Burl Ives

This album just warms my heart…or at least “Holly Jolly Christmas” does…because it is the best…Sam the Snowman 🙂

One of my favorite memories of that lovely song is when I was visiting back in Pennsylvania with my friend Kaitlin’s family. Going to their house on Christmas Eve was a personal tradition. Those present were Kaitlin, her mom, dad, aunt, uncle, sister and brother-in-law. I was expressing being upset about not hearing Holly Jolly Christmas at all that year. A few moments later the entire group started singing it 🙂 Good times.

As for the rest of this album…it just doesn’t compare to Holly Jolly Christmas.

That is all.


Tomorrow:  “A Christmas Together” by John Denver & The Muppets

Day 253. “Punk Rawk Christmas” by MxPx

Colorful Childhood is Punk Rawk!

Day 253. “Punk Rawk Christmas” by MxPx

This album is hilarious.

Especially, Track 12-“Gimme Christmas”

I think I’ve listened to Yuri’s “Nah nah nah nahhhh” a million times today…and I can’t stop laughing about it.

“Diiiiiamonds….Diiiiiamonds….Little Dawg got the diamonds on”

Huge dorks…I love it. The video is just a slightly more polished version of a classic Brubaker music video.

Tomorrow: “Christmas Eve with Burl Ives” by Burl Ives  yesssss 🙂 🙂

Day 252. “Christmas Album” by The Jackson 5

Christmas of 2007. Art Institute of Pittsburg. Nokia Flip phone…Is that an American Eagle shirt??

Day 252. “Christmas Album” by The Jackson 5

So, I debated whether or not to listen to some Christmas albums…and decided, I just had to do it.

Christmas time with the Brubakers was all about music. We caroled, we jammed, we danced, and we blasted our Brubaker family band as loud as possible for the New Year. It was a beautiful thing 🙂

I loved waking up every morning to my parents playing music on their bose stereo, but Christmas time was just different. Everyone was in a good mood, there wasn’t much else going on to worry about…and we were all really excited to watch the faces of our family members as they opened their gifts from under the tree. I didn’t mind listening to old people music on the stereo…not one bit (except that one year when I just got really tired of it and decided to make a Punk Rock Christmas mixed CD to swap out for our family dinner-must have been the same year I took that debate class and learned the value of persuasion)

I look back on all the Christmases-es-es to date, and many of the memories involve music:

  1. Caroling at my Grandparents’ house with all the extended family, and the men always singing “We Three Kings” in the most manly voices they could muster.
  2. Going to see The Nutcracker at The Fulton Theater
  3. The American Music Theater’s Christmas show
  4. Singing in Choir for our Christmas performances
  5. Playing baritone for our Christmas performances
  6. Our Low Brass Christmas parties…
  7. My parents’ Christmas Jam Sessions
  8. Singing along with John Denver & The Muppets
  9. Creating my “Punk Rock Christmas” mixed CD to play at the family dinner
  10. Buying childrens musical instruments for my family members…just because
  11. Singing along to Nightmare Before Christmas
  12. TUBA CHRISTMAS!!! (in lancaster) Where a lot of Tuba players come together…decorate their Tubas..and play Christmas songs. It is the best.
  13. Lydia’s unforgettable Sketch Comedy Christmas Songs
  14. Listening to Christmas music while rating Christmas lights
  15. Isaac’s timely discovery of “It’s Christmas, Let’s have sex”
  16. Singing along to this album…. (Santa Claus is Coming to Town..still the best)
  17. and more 😀

Tomorrow. “Punk Rawk Christmas” by MxPx  because…nothing quite like it 🙂

Day 251. “If I Should Fall From The Grace of God” by The Pogues

Ugly Christmas Turtleneck Sweater Party 2016

Day 251. “If I Should Fall From The Grace of God” by The Pogues

Wait, what? It’s Christmas this week!?!

I forgot how much I loved this album. It marks my arrival to San Diego a little over 9 years ago!

Christmas time at the pub 🙂

No one can ever forget that lovely song-

Track 4- “Fairytale of New York”

It was Christmas Eve babe
In the drunk tank
An old man said to me, won’t see another one
And then he sang a song
The Rare Old Mountain Dew
I turned my face away
And dreamed about you



Tomorrow: “Christmas Album” by The Jackson 5