Day 247. “Cease to Begin” by Band of Horses

Helping Dad clean the windows ❤ Our old house on State Street.

Day 247. “Cease to Begin” by Band of Horses

I can’t get enough of these albums.

In its entirity, “Cease to Begin” is full of self reflection and some of our most common life struggles. I think Band of Horses is just a really easy band to relate to, and it doesn’t hurt that they take our daily qualms and romanticise them with poetry.

I read somewhere that they aren’t very big on “titles”, and that often their song titles have very little to do with the actual songs. That being said, I see the title “Cease to Begin” and I think about the struggle of starting something new. A few songs on this album really hone in on that topic…which I’m sure is not a coincidence.

I think back on the hard times in my life, and the little day to day struggles. I am appreciative of everything I’ve been through…despite how much it sometimes really fucking sucked (and that is no exageration). But, if I “Cease to Begin”, it’s just going through the motions…and while sometimes that is a perfectly acceptable way of living…I’m not done living, and I’ve still got a lot to accomplish.

I’ve still gotta finish this blog!! 13 more entries till the end of the year! Dang!

Tomorow: “Infinite Arms” by Band of Horses


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