Day 252. “Christmas Album” by The Jackson 5

Christmas of 2007. Art Institute of Pittsburg. Nokia Flip phone…Is that an American Eagle shirt??

Day 252. “Christmas Album” by The Jackson 5

So, I debated whether or not to listen to some Christmas albums…and decided, I just had to do it.

Christmas time with the Brubakers was all about music. We caroled, we jammed, we danced, and we blasted our Brubaker family band as loud as possible for the New Year. It was a beautiful thing 🙂

I loved waking up every morning to my parents playing music on their bose stereo, but Christmas time was just different. Everyone was in a good mood, there wasn’t much else going on to worry about…and we were all really excited to watch the faces of our family members as they opened their gifts from under the tree. I didn’t mind listening to old people music on the stereo…not one bit (except that one year when I just got really tired of it and decided to make a Punk Rock Christmas mixed CD to swap out for our family dinner-must have been the same year I took that debate class and learned the value of persuasion)

I look back on all the Christmases-es-es to date, and many of the memories involve music:

  1. Caroling at my Grandparents’ house with all the extended family, and the men always singing “We Three Kings” in the most manly voices they could muster.
  2. Going to see The Nutcracker at The Fulton Theater
  3. The American Music Theater’s Christmas show
  4. Singing in Choir for our Christmas performances
  5. Playing baritone for our Christmas performances
  6. Our Low Brass Christmas parties…
  7. My parents’ Christmas Jam Sessions
  8. Singing along with John Denver & The Muppets
  9. Creating my “Punk Rock Christmas” mixed CD to play at the family dinner
  10. Buying childrens musical instruments for my family members…just because
  11. Singing along to Nightmare Before Christmas
  12. TUBA CHRISTMAS!!! (in lancaster) Where a lot of Tuba players come together…decorate their Tubas..and play Christmas songs. It is the best.
  13. Lydia’s unforgettable Sketch Comedy Christmas Songs
  14. Listening to Christmas music while rating Christmas lights
  15. Isaac’s timely discovery of “It’s Christmas, Let’s have sex”
  16. Singing along to this album…. (Santa Claus is Coming to Town..still the best)
  17. and more 😀

Tomorrow. “Punk Rawk Christmas” by MxPx  because…nothing quite like it 🙂


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